Watabeag Ice Conditions

Feb 19th, 2018

Ice conditions are getting better, over 12″ of ice in most areas, 6″ to 8″ of blue clear ice and a good solid frozen layer above that.  Slush in some areas but for the most part the lake is in pretty good shape.

Jan 1st, 2018

So as we can all guess with the most recent deep freeze the ice conditions are starting to shape up.  Several spots were measured on the lake of recent and there is some places with 10″ of ice and other with only 6″.  All the ice is clear blue ice.  The narrows have open water as per normal and there is slush that is developing in areas on the lake.  The slush looks to be from pressure cracks due to ice thickening.  All and all 2018 looks like its is going to be a really good year for ice on Watabeag.

Feb 19th, 2018

Ice conditions are very good with little slush on the lake.  The narrows are always dangerous so be carful.  Travel on the lake should not be an issue this year.